J-Stick has been established as an innovator in the medical cannabis industry and provides our consumers with products that are discrete, potent and made with quality ingredients.  With regard to potency and reliability, very few personal vaporization products exist in this flourishing industry. J-Stick is going to change the norm with our proprietary cannabis extraction processes.

Our concept is simple. We take a high grade concentrated cannabis and combine it with a precise amount of non-nicotine food grade glycerin to create a liquid that is safe, effective and less harmful than smoking raw cannabis. Our concentrated cannabis is created using a proprietary method of extraction that is safe for our users to ingest via vaporization. When combined with food grade glycerin, the concentrated cannabis becomes more soluble and more effective for vaporization. By combining these two materials, J-Stick has created an end product that is efficient, effective and safe to use.

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Vaporization is a flame free method of consuming cannabis and is therefore considered to be safer than the traditional method of inhaling burned raw cannabis flower into the lungs. The J-Stick appeals to a plethora of people who are looking for a healthier way to consume cannabis. The health and safety of our clientele is of utmost concern to J-Stick and we are dedicated to providing a clean and safe manufacturing facility to produce our products.

In comparison to the rest of the cannabis industry, J-Stick has a unique strategic advantage. By utilizing our vast network of cannabis manufacturers, J-Stick has acquired a nearly unlimited supply of raw cannabis flower. We have developed strong business relationships with a multitude of medical cannabis farms throughout the state of California and continue to acquire new contacts daily. Our continually growing pipeline of cannabis manufacturers ensures a superior raw material that is reflected in our finished products.

The biggest advantage of the J-Stick brand is that our product is unique. Our competitors are creating similar vaporization products, but their systems of extraction typically result in an inferior product that lacks in flavor and potency. After extensive research of our competitors’ processes, we can confirm that we are the only cannabis vaporization company coming to market that is utilizing our superior extraction methods.