The J-Stick brand is owned and operated by Lucas Lazowick and Russell “RJ” Coons. Both are California State University graduates with degrees in Business Management and Hospitality, respectively. Combined, they have 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry.

Mr. Lazowick and Mr. Coons have extensive experience with the legal cultivation, distribution, wholesaling, and operational aspects of this trade. Their first venture together was in 2013, a successful non-profit medical cannabis collective. As a team, they have established a successful collective with proven sales and growth.

“J-Stick was born out of a necessity for a quality product that the cannabis industry was lacking. As owners of a collective, we’ve heard countless times about the ineffectiveness of our competitors’ products and felt that our patients deserved a reliable and potent alternative. After months of research and development of the J-stick oil, we have finally created an oil that is flavorful, reliable, potent, and far superior to anything on the market.”signatures